West Connect Domestic Violence Services provides refuge (including crisis and transitional accommodation and support) for ALL women and children - single, older, Aboriginal, lesbian or transgender - who are suffering domestic violence or relationship abuse in the Rooty Hill area. Call (02) 4732 2318 for assistance.
Help stop violence against women - your donation to West Connect Domestic Violence Services will enable us to continue our support of emotionally, physically and verbally abused women and children in the Penrith, Blue Mountains/Katoomba, Blacktown/Rooty Hill and Hawkesbury areas.

Single Women


DV West has a specific focus on women without accompanying children and provide services to women over the age of 18. Pregnant women are able to be accommodated in our single women’s service up until the last few weeks before birth. It is not always the case that women come into our service who have never had a child, though this may be the case. Sometimes women may have children elsewhere, but for one reason or another they may not be currently in the care of their mother. Some women may have experienced their children being removed from their care or her children may be living or staying with other carers or family. Older women may have adult children who are living independently. Sometimes a woman may have had to escape a violent situation and not have been able to bring her children with her. Advice and options for all situations can be explored with trained staff. 

“My two teenage sons wouldn’t leave their Dad and come with me to a refuge. I needed legal advice on how I could see them without placing myself and them at further risk of harm.”


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