West Connect Domestic Violence Services provides refuge (including crisis and transitional accommodation and support) for ALL women and children - single, older, Aboriginal, lesbian or transgender - who are suffering domestic violence or relationship abuse in the Rooty Hill area. Call (02) 4732 2318 for assistance.
Help stop violence against women - your donation to West Connect Domestic Violence Services will enable us to continue our support of emotionally, physically and verbally abused women and children in the Penrith, Blue Mountains/Katoomba, Blacktown/Rooty Hill and Hawkesbury areas.

Children’s Services


Children who live in homes where domestic violence and abuse is happening grow up in an environment of unpredictability and fear. Along with the threat of being physically harmed it can also lead to psychological and emotional trauma. Instead of growing up in a safe, secure and nurturing environment, these children are forced to worry about uncertain futures. They may worry or try to predict when the next episode of violence will happen again and try to protect themselves, their siblings or the non-violent parent. Surviving or getting through each day becomes the main focus in their lives so there is little time left for fun, relaxation or looking optimistically towards tomorrow. The anxiety that accompanies this exposure to violence can affect children in different ways.

Statistics show that domestic violence can also become a learned behaviour. This can lead a child to think it’s okay to use violence or abuse to get what they want or program children to accept violence as a normal part of an adult relationship.

DV West acknowledges that children who accompany their parent to a refuge require individual trauma-informed services. Children are treated as clients in their own right and offered the full range of available services to address their individual needs. 


Play area - Penrith
Play area – Penrith
Adolescent room - Penrith
Adolescent room – Penrith
Kids room - Penrith
Kids room – Penrith
Kids room - Penrith
Kids room – Penrith
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Play area at Wimlah
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Playground at Wirrawee Gunya
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