West Connect Domestic Violence Services provides refuge (including crisis and transitional accommodation and support) for ALL women and children - single, older, Aboriginal, lesbian or transgender - who are suffering domestic violence or relationship abuse in the Rooty Hill area. Call (02) 4732 2318 for assistance.
Help stop violence against women - your donation to West Connect Domestic Violence Services will enable us to continue our support of emotionally, physically and verbally abused women and children in the Penrith, Blue Mountains/Katoomba, Blacktown/Rooty Hill and Hawkesbury areas.

About Us

West Connect Domestic Violence Services is a not-for-profit organization that provides services to women and children whose lives have been impacted by domestic and family violence and related issues including homelessness.

West Connect acknowledges that Domestic Violence is both a crime and a violation of human rights.

We operate within a feminist ideology that acknowledges that domestic violence is a gender-based issue. Staff at West Connect are committed to working towards the empowerment of women and children by encouraging them to seek alternatives and options so that women are able to take an active role in making decisions that affect their lives and that of their children’s so they can work towards an independent life free from violence.

West Connect recognizes that Domestic Violence experienced by Aboriginal women and children must be understood in a cultural, spiritual, holistic context and to take into consideration the abuse which occurs within families, intimate relationships, kinship network and communities and the diversity with each it’s own mixture of culture, customs and language.

At West Connect we aim to provide a service that meets the special needs of women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, lesbians and transgender women reflecting the diversity of cultures within our community and society while striving to be culturally sensitive and accessible to all women.

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